Mensez Idea...

We cant help with the pain and cramps but we can help with the flow. If you want clean, dry, comfortable, hands free, no bleed through. Mensez might be for you.


Women secrete mucus that functions like pressure sensitive adhesives, which cause the inner vaginal lips to cling together by the pressure applied by the outer vaginal lips. It is called mucoadhesion and varies throughout the menstrual cycle. You have experienced the mucus in your mouth when you press your lips together for 30 seconds or so, your lips will stick together. It’s not dangerous, in fact all you do is wet the inside of your lips with saliva and they release.


The vagina contains a different type of mucus that is capable of forming stronger mucoadheasion and for some women it is strong enough to seal the vaginal lips tight enough to retain menstrual fluid inside until she urinates, which is about every 4 hours. Female urine contains chemicals that change the rheology of the mucus that prevents mucoadhesion. When urine flows from inside it creates a ballooning effect and wets the inner lips which releases the mucoadhesions. The menstrual fluid then washes away with the urine into the toilet. Some women don’t know that they are on their period other than pink water in the toilet. Their period is automatic self-cleaning, safer with no tampons or foreign object that might introduce harmful bacteria, no bleed through, hands free, and worry free. That would be nice but back to reality it only works that way for a small portion of women. The 95% that it is not working for, I call it runaway periods. It is so prevalent that everyone including doctors say it is normal. I believe that it is neither normal nor healthy and I believe there is something interfering with this natural mechanism preventing the mucus from doing its job. It might be a chemical, bacteria or hormonal imbalance, diet, maybe even from the use of toilet paper and soaps that wash away those natural mucoadhesive compounds.


I am committed to discovering what is compromising this mechanism and develop a game changing innovation for women. We cannot wait and should not trust feminine hygiene products companies to help because this type of innovation would be very disruptive to their 6 billion dollar disposable environmentally unfriendly industry.



A few like minded people...

The Mensez idea is different than anything you have ever heard, it’s a beautiful combination of science, anatomy and chemistry. If you knew what I know you would want to be involved. It really hurts that my worst critics are women. Woman are my heroes and the ones that will benefit. What happened to cheerleading and encouragment?


Congratulations that you have read this far. If you are even a little excited, I would like to hear your constructive feedback. Click below and share with me your real life experiences. Spread the word and get other women to do the same.

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