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Mensez is a natural Mucoadhesive that is considered safe, it is used in medications, eye drops and prepared foods, it is not a glue. For example: Pectin is mucoadhesive and it has been used in jellies for a hundred years as a thickener and it causes the flavor molecules to stick to your mucus linings in your mouth making the flavor last much longer, saliva washes it away slowly.

Mensez feels like nothing, can be applied as a powder on your favorite panty liner or as a balm. It forms a water proof and leak proof attraction between the Labia Minora, yet is quickly washes away with urine or soap. That means, the only time that a girl/women using Mensez will have vaginal fluid leaking out, is when she pees, because the urethra opening is inside of the labia and contact with urine instantly neutralizes the Mensez Mucoadhesive. Mensez also prevents germs, lake water, and air from getting in, so there is less chance for pH imbalance, infection and odor. The labia are stretchy, pliable and ruffled so they can hold together tightly during normal activities without feeling any discomfort or hair pulling in such a sensitive area. Think of active movement being much the same as chewing with your mouth closed. Your period will just be another great day.


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The Mensez idea is different than anything you have ever heard of, but it is a a beautiful combination of science, anatomy and chemistry. That is why the US patent office issued a patent for it. Mensez has started a conversation with comedians and women worldwide, and will someday be developed into a great life changing product for improving lifestyle health and hygiene.

Learn more, Googled the word mucoadhesive.
Mensez is a Simple Elegant Solution!

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Mensez comapared to absorbent pads, tampons and cups that women currently use, it will improve....

  • Cost
  • Environment Impact
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Health
  • Infectious Disease
  • Attitudes
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