Mensez Lipstick - The Invisible Period, an Elegant solution....
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Mensez is pronounced: "MENS" as in menstrual and "EZ" like ease.
It Sounds like the medical word for menstruation which is, mens·es,

The Mensez promise!

Your lady lips will hug each other and keep you sealed until you pee. Most girls need NO other protection, No tampons, No cup, No pads.

Elegant Control Idea...

Mensez is a new patented IDEA!!! a safe and natural approach to feminine health. Mensez is a proprietary combination of amino acids and natural oils in a lipstick applicator. The labia minora (your lady lips) are normally attracted to each other and they cling together. When Mensez is applied it enhances that attraction and creates a temporary seal strong enough to retain menstrual blood inside, in the same location that a tampon would retain it. The seal instantly washes away with Urine when you pee or soap.  Since the blood/menstrual fluid does not have contact to air there is no worry of odor, and less dampness in panties. After urinating re-apply Mensez feminine lipstick and you are Done, Safe and Secure, no touch, no leaks, better for the environment. No surprises at the worst time...


What could improve!

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Mensez and the labia form a perfect seal, such that there is no sensation of stretching or pulling with normal activity. You can compare it to chewing with your mouth closed.

Mensez lipstick in development and is not yet available to consumers!

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Win $1,000


Victoria Secrets Gift Card...

Tell us in fifty words or less why you like the Mensez feminine lipstick concept, would you try it and what issues do you hope it will solve for you and other women...Contest ends midnight central time zone June 30, 2018. Must be female age 18 and older to enter. Winning entry will be determined by content and will notified via email or phone and posted on our website. Enter as often as you want, express yourself. Content of entries will become the sole property of Mensez Technologies.

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Anatomical Explanation...

Female anatomy is key to understanding Mensez...

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Female anatomy is key to understanding Mensez...

There are several misconceptions about female anatomy and without understanding the anatomy a person cannot understand how Mensez will work and the benefits.

The major misconceptions are the actual location of the urethra opening and what happens to the menstrual fluid...

I will try to explain with text, but for those that need to see pictures there is a link at the bottom that will show detailed drawings. Note, there are variations to normal anatomy and for some women Mensez may not work just like tampons do not work for all women.

The Labia (which means lips), like the lips on our face that enclose a space called the mouth, inside of the mouth are the teeth, tongue and throat, and similarly the Labia enclose a space called the Vestibule, inside of the vestibule is the vaginal opening and urethra opening. Just like the lip's, the labia's main function is to create a seal. To prevent unwanted material from entering our bodies, like germs, insects, and bath water, and it also prevents things from leaking out like saliva. Science and doctors ignore the sealing function of the labia, in fact most anatomy text books list the Labia, Vaginal opening and the Urethra opening as External Genitalia and every drawing shows the labia wide open. That is where the confusion begins.

The left and right Labia Minora are joined together anteriorly at Clitoris, and posteriorly at the Peritoneum, inside of the Labia is the area called the Vestibule. Most people imagine that urethra is located at the clitoris and outside of the labia, which is not true. The urethra opening is located in the approximate center of the Vestibule, it is very close to the vaginal opening and as much as one inch posterior to the clitoris. This is very important to understand the physiology and function. Most of the time the Labia cling together because of the internal lining of mucus membrains and from external squeezing pressure applied by the Labia Majora (the puffy roles of tissue lateral on each side). When urine flows from the urethra into the vestibule it moistens the labia from the inside and they spread apart in the area of least resistance along the length of the labia and the urine to exit the body. This is the natural process.

Urine contains very powerful enzymes called Urokinase that break up blood clots, also there are other chemicals that clean and disinfect the vestibule and vagina. It is normal for some urine to flow from the vestibule up into and out of the vagina during urination to wash away debris before exiting past the labia. That is why some women notice their tampon getting moistened with urine when they urinate.

The second misconception relates around the fact that the blood/menstrual fluid has to come out, YES it does, but Tampons manufacturers claim it is safe to hold the blood/menstrual fluid in the vagina for up to 8 hours. The average total amount of menstrual blood/fluid is approximately one fluid ounce (a shot glass) during the entire week of a period. That means, there is actually very little accumulation in 4 hours. Woman retain up to 10 lbs. of water each month prior to their period and it causes them to urinate more frequently during their period, usually once every 3-4 hours. With Mensez the blood/fluid accumulates safely in the vagina like tampons does, but with the labia seal it is safely contained (without the bulky uncomfortable absorbent materials of tampons). And every 3-4 hours during urination the accumulated blood/fluid and debris gets washed safely away. Modern science has discovered many natural compounds called Mucoadhesives that can be easily applied to the Labia and form a seal tight enough and strong enough to prevent leakage, until she urinates. The magic of Mensez is that chemicals in urine or normal soap will release the seal. Simply flush and there is nothing to throw away.

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