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Every woman wants a clean, dry, comfortable period. Mensez wipes might work for you. Women have natural vaginal secretions that contain mucoadhesive compounds that cause the labia to cling together and temporarily control the leakage of vaginal and menstrual fluids. Modern practices of feminine hygiene clean away those natural mucoadhesive secretions. Mensez Feminine Wet Wipes are designed to clean and freshen without removing these natural mucoadhesive secretions, without interfering with the natural control that keeps vaginal secretions inside until you urinate. Many women experience this natural control every month, they do not realize that their period is starting until they see blood in the toilet after urinating. With Mensez Wet Wipes, you might find that your natural control improves and you do not require any other period protection.


Use Mensez wipes daily rather that toilet paper, some women find they use fewer pads and tampons, and the labia will seal together and they feel cleaner and fresher.


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.The Mensez wipes idea is different than anything you have ever heard of, but it is a beautiful combination of science, anatomy and chemistry.


Personal Wipes provide an easy way to feel fresh, clean and confident every day!
Gently formulated for everyday freshness, offering:
~soft, disposable cloth
~Alcohol free & hypoallergenic formula
Perfect for everyday use in place of toilet paper and during your period, after activity, before or after intimate occasions and anytime you want to feel refreshed.

Keep feeling clean, fresh and active!! On the go, after workouts or while at work… these gentle body wipes are a perfect way to keep feeling fresh! Wipe away dirt and sweat.
Only available online.

Learn more, Google the word mucoadhesive.
Mensez wipes is a Simple Elegant Solution!