New Female Options


I am a doctor and inventor with a unique insight into anatomy and physiology trying to innovate for women, this project is very important to me, and your input is valuable so share your opinion, and subscribe to be part of the future.

Dr. Dan Dopps

Mensez - We are listening.

What could change?

  • After work event.
  • Dinner with the girls.
  • On the Dance floor.
  • Birthday.
  • Quiet Night Studying.
  • White Party.
  • Date Night.
  • Running Errands.
  • Backyard Picnic.
  • Final Exams.
  • Your Book Club.
  • The Big Game.
  • A Cozy Night in.
  • The Dog Park.
  • Voga Class.
  • Movie Marathon.
  • Tail Gating.
  • Weekend Staycation.
  • Boardwalk on your Longboard.
  • Weekend Brunch.
  • At the Gym Workout.
  • A Spring Wedding.
  • Lake Weekend.
  • Spin Class.
  • Office Meeting.
  • A beach BBQ.
  • Break Time.
  • Day Drinking.
  • Camping and Hiking.
  • Casual Lunch Date.
  • Airplane Travel.
  • Pool Party.
  • The Interview.
  • Road Trip.
  • Casino Luck.
  • Walk in the Park.
  • Outdoor Lunch Date.